Stabbing Victim Dies After Collapsing Outside 7-eleven In Richmond

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    Stabbing victim dies after collapsing outside servo
    7:53am Mar 17, 2018

    A young man has died after being stabbed at a Melbourne apartment building and collapsing at a nearby service station.

    Emergency services were called to the 7 Eleven on Church Street, Richmond, in Melbourne's south-east about 8.30pm yesterday and found the male victim, aged in his 20s, on the ground outside.

    Attempts were made to revive the man but he died while being transported to hospital.
    It is understood the man fled from a nearby apartment building seeking safety after receiving the stab wounds.

    A 34-year-old Port Melbourne man has been arrested.

    A female neighbour and mother told the Herald Sun she has witnessed multiple fights in the area over the past two weeks, including one involving up to 30 young people.

    “I live in one of the housing blocks and there’s been blood in the foyer every couple of days," she said.

    “Police have told us it’s not safe to bring our kids out after dark.
    “They’ve given up, they don’t even show up anymore when we call.”
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