How To Log A Maintenance Request

Peter I

New Member
Hi All,
Just wondering what the best process is to log a maintenance request.
Do we just reach out to the Building Mgr?
If so where can I find the current Building Mgr contact details?


There was a sign on the notice board when Ismail was our Building Manager.
But that was years ago, I actually don't know how to contact the current manager.
I'm at work when he is here, so I never see him.

To be honest, the building managers prime responsibility seems to be to the owners on the owners committee, and no-one else.

Mere ordinary owners like ourselves are a distant second.
Hence why there is no obvious way for owners to contact the building manager directly.

Even when Ismail has his contact details on the notice board, you got the impression everything had to go through the OC, even for small or urgent jobs.
Thats how its always been here, and probably always will.