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    Result of Postal Ballot - Special Resolution A/C Upgrade

    It means the "Special Resolution" did not pass right away, but it is still alive, as an "interim special resolution." I will explain! It didn't pass because the ballot result was 61.7% for the motion, and did not meet the 75% required for automatic approval. But because only 5.6% voted against...
  2. emily

    Terrible Bashing On Wellington Pde. Last Night

    I came home around this time & saw the Ambulance & Police. Yes, that was the spot exactly. Thank goodness the Police have caught all 3 men involved.
  3. emily

    Huge Crowd Expected At Mcg - Thur Night 22-march

    Found a link to it. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2018/03/02/kb-tigers-blues-season-opener-to-smash-home-and-away-crowd-record/
  4. emily

    Huge Crowd Expected At Mcg - Thur Night 22-march

    For those not interested in the football (like me) then you will likely be dreading the return of the AFL in a few weeks, for many reasons, not least the crowds of people everywhere and lack of parking in nearby streets. The 1st game on Thursday night 22/3 is expected to be like a grand-final...
  5. emily

    Pool side bushes

    I was at the pool today and saw this. Why did they start chopping them out if they were not 100% sure they were causing a problem? Looks ugly now where they took them out, which is the end where I sun-bake. So I went to the other end, because you get some privacy from all the windows. If they...
  6. emily

    No hot water today

    Anyone know if there is hot water at the pool shower? I'm in no mood for a cold shower before work on Tuesday.
  7. emily

    Anyone know what the fireworks are for?

    Yes, it was the "Diwali" - Indian Festival of Lights, it was awesome! It was in fed square with fireworks over the Yarra at the end - http://www.fedsquare.com/events/diwali-indian-festival-of-light-2013/
  8. emily

    Yuck!! rubbish hoppers overflowing

    On sunday nights are the worst It was bad before I went overseas for 4 months, but worse now. What do others think?
  9. emily

    Anyone notice the smell of pee in the Sauna?

    Just used the sauna this morning and it smells of pee, gross. I couldn't stay in there for more than 2 minutes. Someone has pee'd in there since I last used the Sauna (3 weeks ago) yuck.
  10. emily

    History of 166 Wellington Parade

    Hi Drew Interesting info. Does that mean Hugh Jackman might have spent some time in my bed-room ? Mmmmmmm!
  11. emily

    The new lift facades

    I took a couple of photos for you, John on my floor. I don't know if I like the dark mirrors or not, but I do know they show every fingerprint and smudge! What do u think?
  12. emily

    2 people using the pool & sauna at 1 AM !

    Oh yeah, I said I post pic of those rude ppl swimming and using sauna at 1 am... Sorry pics are so bad, I "over-zoomed" my camera and light was bad... smoking around pool at 1 AM (breaking 2 rules!) - I cut out the background to try to improve the pic and same guy with girl using pool &...
  13. emily

    2 people using the pool & sauna at 1 AM !

    Yeah Dave, they smoke around the pool, which is supposed to be a NON SMOKING area!!! But I can't even see any "no smoking" signs there. My apartment hasn't got air conditioning, so I gotta leave windows open on hot nights, so I get the smoke too. This sux so bad. What can we do?
  14. emily

    2 people using the pool & sauna at 1 AM !

    I just got woken up to the sound of splashing in the pool! It's freaking 1 AM ! My bedroom overlooks the pool from level 3 and there was a male and female swimming in the pool! And if that wasn't bad enough, the male was smoking, filling the air in my apartment with the smell of smoke! I know...
  15. emily

    Noisy party in 507

    Rude and noisy party tonight in Apartment 507. Terrible between midnight and now (1.30am) but seems to have quitened down now thank-god. Where do they think they are? A cricket game? A pub? We have to live here guys, have some consideration, please.